What’s better than having SOMEONE YOU LOVE Immortalized in a handsome portrait? 

Or how about presenting a portrait to someone to commemorate a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary or award ceremony? I offer affordable commissions on portraits of:

  • adults

  • children

  • pets

  • landscapes

Getting THE PAINTING done is easy!

I simply need 5-6 color High-RESOLUTION pictures of the subject. Your commission's size, color, price and approximate date of delivery will all be discussed before I begin work on your painting. The painting will be done on museum-grade canvas, or with specialized materials if you request it. There is a non-refundable down payment of 50% required before work begins (for the purchase of materials etc.). The remainder, plus shipping and tax, will be due when the work is completed. 

Prices for commissioned paintings vary, depending on what you want in the picture and its size. I typically take 3-6 weeks to complete a picture, depending on requirements. You can contact me to set up a time for a quick chat on a quote, timing, special requirements etc..



All paintings are original works of art by Jon Mark Fletcher.  No copies may be reproduced without his permission. Copyright 2018. All Rights Reserved.

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